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CAN YOU Taste the rainbow?


((TL;DR - #SkittlesTasteTest fever is sweeping the nation))

Assets: All our market/product strategy + potentially TV, OOH, Social

Explained: We created a 360 campaign from start to end of customer's journey based on the idea of a Skittles Taste Test. We use our simple + addicting taste test mechanic to create hilarious fictional scenarios (for TV and Out Of Home) & real-life activities + branding opportunities (for paid/owned social, in-store, & packaging).

(This campaign also includes a fair bit of market + competitor analysis).


Current status: Concepting is done, have rough visuals for TV, OOH, & Social (approved by Innocean ladies) -- need refining + TV storyboard elements

Which way do you lean?


((TL;DR - Ultra compatibility requires ultra compatible prompts))

Assets: Case board, up to 3 executed headline print ads

Explained: Based on the insight that people lean in diff ways to kiss, we're helping OkCupid continue paving the way for compatibility with prompts about things you might never even consider as essential.

Current status: Concepting is done & most copy is done (approved by Sudi), working on case board & finalizinig visuals

Let's get (those socks) on


((TL;DR - Spotify has playlists and socks to help you orgasm. Yes I'm serious))

Assets: Case video

Explained: SCIENCE has proven that wearing socks increases chance of orgasm. Science! So Spotify --an app that, let's be honest, has a deep catalog of sex playlists - piggybacks off this science by providing users gimmicky socks that promote various on-theme playlists. 

Current status: Concept & executional idea approved by Sudi, working on production

Burger Kink

... Burger King ... collaborating w/ Sweden lol

((TL;DR - Burgers + sex = fixing Sweden's declining birth rates. Bear with me.))

Assets: Case video

Explained: BK Whoppers are perfect. Or so we thought. They're actually even better after sex when senses are most enhanced. We use this sinful combo menu (lust + gluttony) to entice Swedes to "taste the Whopper as never before" and, in doing so, fight their declining population. One firey burger at a time.

Current status: Concept & executional idea approved by Sudi, working on production

Eat your words

Campbell's + [humanitarian group]

((TL;DR - Send politicians their words as alphabet soup for accountability))

Assets: Case video, more tbd

Explained: Still tbd but the gist is, there are few ways to hold politicians accountable when they don't follow through on promises. So here's a stunt: You can order a can of alphabet soup that literally spells out a politician's words and send it to them.

Current status: Concept approved by Sudi, working on executional idea

You say you want justice?

World Health Org, Blood Donation 

((TL;DR - We can't reinstate Roe v. Wade but we can give women much-needed blood))

Assets: Singular long-copy ad

Explained: We admit we don’t have answers to current frustrations with abortion rights (or that such answers even exist). But also, some 800 women die each day due to blood-related complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Meaning that: Unlike the long, difficult road ahead of fighting for abortion rights, blood donation is an easy, practical way to support female reproductive health with tangible, immediate results.

Current status: Copy done & signed off by Klaus, visuals in development

We live to deliver



Possible assets: Headline ads, OOH, long copy, radio, TV

Explained:  FedEx has long claimed to be more reliable than its competitors & other forms of delivery. So lets up the ante!

Beyond delivery, we position FedEx as a beacon of reliability in a world where there's so much you can't count on

Current status: Copy approved by Katharina (from our Q1), all mockups need visual reworking (note: would've been dope to get some classroom instruction on mocking up headlines/OOH/long copy for copywriters in Q1 or Q2. Nothing but love for Ilko but that's not something we ever touched on).

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