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Portacool: Keep Every Town Cool

Especially down south, high summer temps can send everyone running inside. Turning would-be happy neighborhoods into ghost towns.

But with Portacool, you never have to give in to the heat. So let's demonstrate that resilience!

Because it's not just about temperature... It's about reclaiming the summer. It's about enjoying the best time of year. It's about living your life, no matter what.

Starting with this made-for-TV & for-Youtube 60-second spot:

Continuing with a series of Digital OOH & Instagram-ready clips addressing audience pain points:

Plus these more straightforward campaign videos:

And some banners to boot, incl. this one for a billboard by a racetrack:

Responsible for: Concept, Copy, Executional Direction

Credit to: Madeline Nunley, Peter Bray, the Bray & Co. video team

Client: Portacool

Made at: Bray & Co. (agency work)

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